Sari Farah Dina(1*), Nina Elyani(2), Hoiror Rozikin(3), Lis Kusumawati(4)
(1) Balai Riset dan Standardisasi Medan
(2) Balai Besar Pulp dan Kertas
(3) Akademi Teknologi Pulp dan Kertas
(4) Akademi Teknologi Pulp dan Kertas
(*) Corresponding Author


The experiments of refining for long fibers bleached pulp using commercial cellulase enzyme (biorefining) has been done. Biorefining was carried out at consistency 1.5 %, pH 7.5, temperature 50 ± 5 °C, and freeness target 350 ml CSF. Cellulase addition varied at 0 – 0.6 % to fibers dry weight. The results showed that cellulase improves formation, brightness, and tensile index. But opacity, porosity, and  tearing index decrease. Time for refining decrease with increasing of cellulase addition.  At 0.4 cellulase addition the optimum improvements of sheet quality and energy saving observed.

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